Wedding Film

The ultimate details of your very special day are captured in a dynamic cinematic short film. The approach goes well beyond traditional wedding videography in providing beautiful composition, sensitive and considered storytelling and skilfully creative editing.

Similarly to the photography, the approach is discreet, fresh and imaginative, avoiding intrusion or disturbance to the overall flow and dynamics of a unique occasion.

Simply stated, it seeks to capture the particular emotions of a wonderful lifetime event.

Family Film

The aim is to document an important and memorable family event: a simple afternoon in the park, a walk on the beach, a trip to your favorite escape.

A beautiful edited short film can be matched to a special piece of music to make it even more memorable and personally emotive.

The short film will capture an intimate interaction or a magical moment that families can cherish forever.

Prices start from £400.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch regarding any questions you may have.

Baby Film

Capturing a newborn baby is an absolute privilege. We aim to creatively film you and your precious baby in the comfort of your own home with natural available light.

At the same time as creating a short film we can capture still images, this optimises our time together, discounting the overall cost.

Prices are the same as mentioned above and we are always happy to discuss your requirements and creative ideas.